Andrew Pepoy

With over 30 years drawing and writing comics, Andrew Pepoy has worked for U.S., Canadian, British,
and French publishers on hundreds of comics on such characters and titles as The Simpsons, Fables,
Batman, The X-Men, Iron Man, Star Wars, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Red Sonja, Transformers, Wallace &
Gromit, Scooby Doo, Archie, Betty & Veronica, Lanfeust, Uncle Scrooge, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine,
MAD Magazine, Dick Tracy, and many more. In 2000, Andrew was asked to redesign Little Orphan Annie
and drew the newspaper strip for the next year. In 2005 he brought his knack for retro glamour with a
modern twist to writing and drawing a revival of Katy Keene, the classic Archie Comics character. Since
1990 he has written and drawn many stories of his own Harvey Award-nominated creation, The
Adventures of Simone & Ajax, which has been collected in book form by IDW and is now published by
Spicy Tomato Studios. Having been nominated several times, Andrew won an Eisner Award in 2009. He
has also won an Inkwell Award and been nominated for the Harvey and Hugo Awards. He lives in

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